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6 Benefits of Straightening Your Smile with Clear Aligners

If you want to straighten your crooked or crowded teeth, clear aligners are the perfect solution. Clear aligner treatments such as Invisalign and SureSmile involve wearing a series of clear, custom-fitted trays that gradually move your teeth into alignment. Not only are the clear trays removable, but they’re also more discreet and more comfortable. Plus, the treatment often takes less time than with traditional metal braces. Let’s explore the benefits that clear aligners can offer beyond the cosmetic advantage of a straighter smile. 

Six Benefits of Clear Aligners

1: Invisible Treatment

Invisalign and SureSmile clear aligners offer a subtle and virtually invisible way to transform your smile. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are made from transparent materials. You can go about your daily life without the self-consciousness often associated with noticeable metal braces. 

2: Comfortable

Clear aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth. This precise fit makes clear aligners a much more comfortable solution than metal braces, which can irritate the inside of your lips and cheeks. Although transitioning to your next set of clear aligners can cause some mild discomfort for a couple of days, it’s far less painful than getting traditional braces tightened. 

3: Convenient

Another major benefit of Invisalign and SureSmile clear aligners is that they’re conveniently removable. You can brush your teeth and eat without hassle because you can simply take them out, while metal braces can easily trap food and be difficult to clean. Plus, you can even pop them out when taking selfies or family photos. 

4: No Dietary Restrictions

There are many foods you must avoid with traditional braces. Clear aligners, on the other hand, come with no dietary restrictions. The ability to remove your aligners during meals means you can continue enjoying your favorite foods without any worries. Just make sure you also remove your trays when drinking anything other than water. Coffee and other dark liquids can stain your aligners, making your teeth appear discolored. 

5: Improved Oral Health

Straightening your teeth can improve more than just the appearance of your smile. Misaligned teeth can cause bite problems and TMJ disorders. Crowded, overlapping teeth can also trap food and plaque more easily, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease

It’s much easier to keep your mouth clean with clear aligners than with traditional braces. Food easily gets caught in traditional braces, lingering for hours. And maneuvering floss through the metal wires can be challenging. But with aligners, all you have to do is remove them when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth. 

6: Shorter Treatment Duration

Invisalign and SureSmile typically take less time to straighten teeth than traditional braces do. Metal braces often take years to transform your smile. Clear aligners, however, take less than 18 months in most cases. In fact, you’ll likely start to see beautiful results in just a couple of months. 

Improve Your Smile with Invisalign or SureSmile Clear Aligners 

Clear aligners will not only straighten your teeth, but their benefits also align with a modern, busy lifestyle. If you’re considering a teeth-straightening treatment, consult the Copper Creek Dental team. We offer both Invisalign and SureSmile to our patients in South Jordan. Give us a call at 801-280-1911 today to schedule a consultation and find out which option is right for you. 

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