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Finding My Smile—Aurora’s Story

Before working at Copper Creek Dental, I was self conscious about how crooked my teeth were. I went through braces in high school, but like many teenagers, I didn’t wear my retainers. Being in college and dating, I was not going to wear braces so I thought I was stuck.
I expressed my frustration with Dr Curtis one day and he suggested doing clear aligners. I was immediately interested so we got right to work and ordered them!

I had a lot of trays, but powered through them and it made such a big difference in my life! I was so happy with how they looked, but I still felt like my gums were super low. The gummy smile had always bothered me, but I didn’t know there was a solution. Dr Curtis suggested that we do a gingivectomy to shape my tissues and wow, what a huge difference that made! I was finally confident with my smile, just in time for my wedding.

Cosmetic Dentist in South Jordan, Utah

If you’re interested in finding your smile like Aurora did, contact Copper Creek Dental. From teeth straightening to gingivectomy to whitening and more, we can transform your smile with a variety of treatments. Dr. Curtis, Aurora, and the rest of our compassionate team are happy to help make your smile shine. Just give us a call at 801-280-1911 today to schedule a consultation at our Daybreak office.

About the Author

Aurora is a treatment coordinator at Copper Creek Dental. She loves learning all about dentistry and helping other people. When she isn’t in the office, Aurora will be found coaching her volleyball team or in the outdoors anytime and anywhere that she can!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/16/2023). Photo by Katarzyna Zygnerska on Unsplash

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