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At Copper Creek Dental, we use the most advanced technology in Dentistry and pride ourselves in giving our clients beautiful and functional smiles with comfort.


We use CEREC Primescan as our digital acquisition unit. This tool helps us deliver our patients a product with outstanding accuracy and reliable quality. The scanner allows near-perfect representation of not only the hard tissues, but in a revolutionary step forward can also predictably capture soft tissue as well.

The accuracy of scans ranging from metals to soft tissues makes this scanner the best on the market. We are no longer obligated to gag our patients for 5 minutes every time we need an impression. Our patient’s everyday experiences are much better because of this scanner. The Primescan also is the first step in allowing us to deliver lab-quality restorations in a single visit.


Copper Creek Dental was the first dental office in Utah to have a Primeprint installed. This top-of-the-line 3D resin printer permits us to print surgical guides, patient models, retainers, and night guards.

For years we have sought the perfect occlusal (bite) appliance that we could properly integrate for any of the various disease presentations that we see. Previously, we were required to manually add separate acrylics or composites to achieve our desired end goals. The appliances were effective, but lacked a high-end lab appearance and longevity.  

With Primeprint occlusal appliances, we are now able to achieve the best of both worlds.


CEREC Primemill is a state-of-the-art technology that leverages CAM strategies to mill laboratory-grade restorations in a single appointment. This process lends its engineered precision to a phenomenal fit and a beautifully textured surface.

Unlike some competitors, CEREC Primemill allows the milling of zirconia blocks used on back teeth in patients that are prone to fracture, wear, or grinding. The ability to mill this material in the office and deliver it to you in a single appointment creates a world-class experience.

Intraoral Cameras

Our communication is magnified by the ability to take you visually into your mouth. With intraoral pictures, we can show you on our well-positioned TV monitors what your tongue is feeling, or why you shouldn’t be concerned about a particular area.

Being able to see your teeth illuminated and magnified helps us make the best long-term decisions for you, and allows you to fully understand what factors are driving our recommendations. You will feel like you’re involved in the decision-making process when you see and discuss a problem and potential remedies.

We use these cameras to supplement your education and allow you to make your best, most educated decision. 


We use lasers to alter, shape, and cauterize tissues. They can also be used to reduce bacterial loads around infected teeth.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Our Axios CBCT seamlessly integrates radiographic information back into our CAD/CAM systems. With our CBCT, we can obtain 3D radiographs that allow us to diagnose anomalies, abscesses, or potential complications before any procedure begins.

We use this technology every day to plan implant locations digitally. These plans allow us to print a surgical guide that helps us perfectly position an implant exactly where it needs to be to support the most ideal restoration.

This surgical approach greatly reduces time in the chair, post-operative pain, and restorative complications.  Simply put, this is the best way to give you the best result.

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