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How Stackable Guides Allow Us to Make All-on-4 Surgery Predictable

Dental implant procedures have seen significant advancements in recent years, offering patients a more predictable and reliable solution to missing teeth. 

One popular technique for replacing a full set of teeth with implants is all-on-4 surgery. Also known as a hybrid implant-supported denture, it uses four surgical implants to support a full arch of false teeth. 

But because of variations in bone volume and density around the mouth, free-hand surgery can limit the predictability of dental implant placement. That’s where stackable surgical guides come in. 

How Stackable Surgical Guides Work

Stackable surgical guides are custom-made surgical instruments that allow dental implants to be placed with the utmost accuracy. Because all-on-4 full arch dental implant-supported appliances need four supporting posts, using stackable surgical guides during the procedure ensures quick and precise placement. 

Stackable guides are created using a pairing of advanced computed tomography with computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) software. This advanced technology ensures the custom guide is a perfect fit during surgery, and allows the pre-surgical planning to fully affect the placement of the implants.

The guide is designed with holes that designate the exact location, depth, and angulation necessary for the precise placement of each dental implant which is in turn ideally positioned to support the teeth. 

The customization of stackable surgical guides allows for a high degree of accuracy and predictability in implant placement. Not only does this reduce the risk of implant failure, but precise placement also ensures the optimal support, stability, and appearance of the final prosthetic. 

How Stackable Guides Make All-on-4s Predictable

Stackable surgical guides eliminate the guesswork and provide an accurate, efficient method for placing each implant. 

Oral surgeons can place multiple implants in the arch simultaneously. This reduces the amount of time in the dentist’s chair for the patient, and minimizes the risk of errors and complications. 

With stackable guides, dental implants can be placed in the exact position needed for optimal support and stability. This leads to more predictable, more successful long-term outcomes so patients can recover quickly, without the fear of complications.

Stackable guides also enable the dentist to customize a surgical plan that takes into account the unique anatomy of each patient’s mouth. The guides are designed based on a union of a CBCT radiograph married with a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth in our CAD/CAM software, which ensures high accuracy. Tailoring the guides for each individual makes the outcome of dental implant surgery much more predictable.

Possibly the greatest benefit of using a stackable guide is the increased predictability of getting the temporary appliance perfectly positioned and placed. Absent the guide, the conversion process in most surgeries is messy and full of guesswork, often using the compressible, movable tissue on the palate as the reference point for everything else. This can lead to processing errors. When a guide is present, the feel of bite, the appearance, and the general overall outcome of the temporaries is more consistent. 

Overall, using stackable surgical guides makes the all-on-4 full arch dental implant-supported appliance surgery more predictable by providing extreme precision during placement. Guided all-on-4 surgery typically results in better stability and improved appearance, as well as shorter recovery time. All-on-4 patients can get back to living life to the fullest in no time. 

Guided Dental Implant Surgery in South Jordan, Utah

At Copper Creek Dental in Daybreak, we aim to provide effective and aesthetically pleasing dental treatments—with as little time in the dentist’s chair as possible. 

Our advanced in-house technology and surgical guides ensure the highest precision, efficiency, and aesthetics for every dental implant procedure. If you’re interested in discussing your dental implant options, give us a call at 801-280-1911 to schedule a consultation. 

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